Smart Presence New Developer Needed

Hello everyone.

There’s a great app (Smart Presence) that is about to get unsupported by developer, he no longer has the time to maintain the app.

If anyone would like to take over is great work or knows anyone who could have interest on keep on going with this project it would be great.

Contact: “Terry Hendrix, from the Netherlands.” On Linked In.

If you can’t do more, just a click on the like button of the already existing request for a maintainer to this app would be great, it takes no time and gets us closer to find a Developer.

I let the link down below just give it a :heart:

Click on the blue line with “Homey Community App Requests” :arrow_double_down: And give it a :heart:

Thank you!

The Developer created a new page for the current Smart Presence App
Make sure to pay him a :beers: if you can!


New oficial page for Smart Presence App!


Good initiative Ricardo!

Where can an interested developer state that he/she/x is willing to take over the app maintenance?

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Thank you.

Yes, I put this question to the developer on a review.
I’ll post a screenshot of his answer.
Would be great if someone would like to keep development of this app, It is so useful!

His answer: “Would be great if someone wants to pick this project up. If you know anyone, then please let them contact me on linked in. My name is Terry Hendrix, from the Netherlands.”*

Hi. I’ve started porting the app, after having spoken to the developer.


Super good news!
Thank you!
Make sure to leave a PayPal donation link, I’ll definitely contribute!

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When will we see this app for Homey v5? :slight_smile:

@balmli Just assumed control few hours ago, let’s be patient, no pressure!
For now I’m just happy we found a developer, let it take is time, he will give us news when he has them for sure.

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Excelent. My donation finger is twiching already…

I’ve created a separate page for the app: [APP] Smart Presence