Developer asking for donations from Homey users

Actually you should consider just playing creepy sounds at random times at night. Way worse then just turning on and off lights :slight_smile:

Last time I had prepped homey to say " Take the hand out of the cookie jar! " and waited secretly till my girlfriend was trying to open it… Start the flow and enjoy the confused looks :smiley:

Donated! Keep up the good work @Gruijter!
I don‘t use one of your apps but only because I don‘t have the devices the apps are made for.

But your work must be honored!
Thank you


Amazing to see what the community is capable of. Perhaps you can share this Homey for fellow developers like myself that are in the same boat. I’d like to test my apps but probably won’t be upgrading to 2.x any time soon. Would this be possible?

Unfortunatly due to circumstances I can’t donate at the moment. But I will surely do in the near future ( next month? )

Donated too, keep up the good work! Deciding if I should buy the smilep1 so need your support :wink:

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Since I always have at least one app in testing, I do not see how I could share the Homey in a practical way. But the work I do on the Homey gets shared via know-how and documentation that I share via slack, via the issue reports for Homey, via the code I publish on github, and via the packages I publish on npm.

Get a Youless LS120 if you do not need the wifi. I update the Enelogic_Youless app more often than the Plugwise P1 app since I moved myself to the LS120 :slight_smile:

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When I started this topic yesterday, I could not have forseen the many warm responses and donations.

The stretched goal of 300 euro’s has been reached!

I will order the Homey today (let’s see how fast Athom can deliver. I’m sure not as fast as all you guys were with donating :slight_smile: )

The amount over 299 euro’s will be donated to Docters without Borders