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Can I develop my own apps for Homey Bridge, if so how? (I have a number of Nexa devices, but Homey only support very few of them - Can I do something about this by myself?)

Homey Bridge is just a device that is used as an antenna and doesn’t run apps itself, if you mean Homey Cloud, then you could develop an app, but you’ll need to keep it running (you can’t install it on your Homey in the cloud) on a PC, and it will never end up on the app store:

Verified apps

Because Homey Cloud is offered for a mainstream audience, we want to ensure every app is of great quality. To assist with this, we offer code-level support and in-depth app reviews as part of the Homey Verified Developer subscription. This subscription is required to publish your app to the App Store when targeting "platforms": [ "cloud" ] or "platforms": [ "local", "cloud" ] .

Only official app integrations will be approved. This means an app submitted by a brand or submitted by a third party developer commissioned by said brand.

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