Deploying apps remotely

Hey guys,

Since Homey has decided to not allow remote development through athom-cli, I am looking for a way to do this while I’m not at home and the only option I have found so far is to have a VPN to my router, for my remote computer to be connected directly to my LAN.

Aren’t there any other solutions like:

  • A VPN directly to Homey
  • A VPN client from Homey to a custom OpenVPN server
  • A web IDE able to develop apps
  • A website to upload a ZIP archive containing an app?

Thank you.

What’s wrong with a VPN to your LAN (router)?

Whichever option too choose I would stay far from VPN from or to Homey itself. VPN does use quite some resources encrypting and decrypting traffic. Not something I would have my Homey do, it’s already busy enough handling the normal flows and stuff…

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