Delay Sonos play's music


I’m using a Remotec 8 button controller to start a Radio station on my Sonos, quite basic to be honest if I click on this button it works fine but there is a delay from about 7 or more seconds.
This is also with a Aqara button or Philips remote, or HomeyDash, so I don’t think it’s the Remotec remote itself, the Homey app is a little more responsive but to be honest also not as fast as the Sonos app itself, is this normal behavior?

I can only speak for myself, this is Normal behavior. I think it has to do with the stream. Some streams work fast, some slow. I also have the remotec. The flows for my bulbs work instantly

OK same behavior here, lights are directly Sonos has a delay, but seems to be normal then, thanks!

Hi, I know this has not directly to do with Homey, but because my wife hates the Sonos app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and HomeyDash at the moment just to limited is, i had a look at Home Assistant and I have to say I’m impressed!
I’m not a developer and also no designer :wink: but creating this Sonos DashBoard took me about 30 minutes, very happy with it to be honest and the best the wife also :crazy_face:
to come back to the topic, Sonos acts now almost instantly just as fast as with the normal app so, I tried true Homey also again and still the delay’s are there so, and I don’t want to conclude anything here but maybe it’s the Homey Sonos app that’s causing the delays?

TV, HomeyDash, HA and DakBoard provides a nice dashboard in my office

That look awesome, @Danny_Mertens!
How did you make that dashboard?

Wel to be honest was quite easy, the amazing HomeyDash we off course already have ;-), I use Dakboard ( for my Calendar, the view you see on the TV can be created with the free version but for a couple of $/month you can created a quite good looking easy customizable dashboard that you can stream to a Google Hub with a Homey flow for instance, in my opinion Athom should have a look at this! :stuck_out_tongue: because this is awesome! Missing only a good Sonos player here, so build a small dashboard in HA, ( was new to me and I’m not a developer, designer so was a bit worried for that, but to be honest the setup, configuration (click and play) was less than a hour work on a old Raspberry Pi 3 that I had laying around .
After that you just add the plugins for Sonos, Hue, Netatmo and… to HA (click and play) and some other plugins install the plugin HACS ( and everything is directly there, very impressed! after that I just build a small dashboard, mostly copy and paste to be honest
Put my old Raspberry Pi 2 on my desk TV, use chromium and just load the webpage’s from HomeyDash, HA and Dakboard and that’s it!

HACS plugins I used for the Sonos Dashboard

Banner card:
Sonos alarm:
Custom header:
Mini player:
Fold entity row:

Dakboard dashboard on my Google hubs;

OK was not completely happy with my first version, was not theme friendly and missing more options, control center so this is the new version.

Video preview:

Shoot :wink: and if someone is interested give me ping always willing to share to keep the community alive!