Hi team, then looking at the default datevariable its formated as DD-MM-YYYY. is it any way of changing this to YYYY-MM-DD? My location is Europe/Stockholm so its should be correct.

When looking at the default “variable” format:

After setting that variable to my own variable:

I guess it should be possible to rewrite using logic app or something but would like to see if this is possible first. The thing is that I want to count how many days it has passed since a date back in 2022…

That should be possible with the Better Logic Library app

You can format the date as you like:

Screenshot from 2024-01-19 00-26-59

Screenshot from 2024-01-19 00-26-19

Or just extract the day number:
Screenshot from 2024-01-19 00-28-00


Thanks that worked, but to be clear there is no way of changing the format in the system?

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No it’s not user changeable. You can try requesting for this to make it user adjustable at support

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