Conversion Year, Month, Day to Julianday and back

These are mine favoured functions in a program language.
Therefore I have both the conversion in .js form.

They are written in a function form.

function YMDtoJulian(Year, Month, Day)
return JulianDay

function JulToYMD(JulianDay)
return YMD

In lot of questions I found that working with numbers of day in between dates or every x day further becomes easier to put the Julian-day number on 00:00 as a variable.
Then read it, with adding or subtracting number of days, with a homey-script back to a date when you needed.

Now can I put those to functions here, but I don’t know if that is not against the rules.

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For conversions i have implemented a formatter in the Better Logic Library.
Perhaps i can add a julian format in it?
You can see all current formatting options in the BLL app settings-> coding.

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Thanks, but he last sentence is not clear to me what you mean.

This sentence?
In the Better Logic Library, goto the app settings, then to the tab Coding. There you can find all info on howto format dates and times in BLL coding supported apps.

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Yes I found it now. Was looking on the wrong place. :blush:
Look in to it today.

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