Date & Time trigger card - broken - day of week missing as option

I recently build flows triggered by which day (e.g. weekday) by using built in “Date & Time”, but now option is missing all of the sudden???

Things don’t disappear all of a sudden, only after a firmware update, things can change.
But, this will be mentioned in the changelog

So, my Homey never could trigger on some weekday, so I’m very curious what model you got :wink:

My Homey can trigger, like, every day, and with a Date & Time AND card, I can filter

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Seems like day option is only available in “second” logic check (using AND).
So “first” logic check have to be a time of the day - weekday is not available as first logic check.

This is not very intuitive if you are a regular programmer, and any if/else applies regardless of “order” of check… Anyway, I figured that one out… Thanks!

I am using Homey Pro (early 2023).

The first card, WHEN, is not part of an IF THEN ELSE statement, but it is an event/interrupt that starts/triggers/runs the flow/program.
Normally you don’t see that in your program, as you execute the program from a shell prompt or by clicking its tile.

So the AND cart is the beginning of your if then else statement:
IF AND card is TRUE
THEN do something
ELSE do something else

Yes, Homey has a bit of a peculiar way of programming, which you have to get familiar with.