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Hi all,

First I need to say that I am almost satisfied with my Homey but …

Well the App is OK to do things like creating flows etc. What I really miss is an app/website/whatever
to just give information or switching devices. Nothing else! I mean it would be really great for the WAF (women acceptance factor) to have a toll like this.
For instance, this could be used to make displays with older pads etc.mounted somewhere in the room to give overviews about temperature, humidity and to switch light on and off.

Yes, I know this may possible with the app but this app is too complex with too much rights for visitors kids etc.

It would be really great to let me know whether you have a plan to make a solution like this.


You mean something like homeydash.com?

You mean something like that. Home Assistant on a Raspi makes it possible.

But I agree with you. Homey should be able to do that.

Grüß dich. Ja so was in der Art.
Wie hast du das umgesetzt?

:thinking: when I am going there it is just a hint to homey.ink and this is just for e-paper, right?

No, that is Homey.ink, homeydash.com uses the same principle as Homey.ink (the reason for the reference over there) for logging in, after that it is fully seperate including desktop/tablet support.
Check the Forum topic for more information.

The one from cornelisse (see post below this one) is a spinoff of homeydash.

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You should try this Homey Dashboard - Homey Cornelisse
I’ve got it running on a tablet hanging in the hall, and WAF all the way!

Thanks :pray:

I had a look at this but I can‘t read the Dutch stuff :frowning: