Danalock : insert key from outside


I just recieved my Danalock V3 with Gerda cylinder.

I followed the manual and everything fit perfectly.

But now i can’t insert my key from outside if it is not align…

Is it normal ?


Is it a so called panic cilinder with the possibility to use a key on the other side while a key is inserted?

Thanks for the answer. Actually i didn’t notice there is a calibration to do to get the lock align when open and close so it works fine.

Hi Jeremypsl

Good afternoon. How did you solve the Gerda key not working? I just installed mine and if using the key alone it work fine. once Danalock lock or unlock, the gerda key from outside stop working. I did another calibration and still not working. I have to manually turn the danalock until the gerda key align again.

can you or any of the member help me. ?