Creating http request

I’m trying to make a http request with PUT in Homey bridge but I’m not sure where to place the filename that I want it to have on the webserver “3.val” and the variable “innetemp”I want to send ? Right now it looks like this:

But this only results in en error “malformed header 22.9”

Webserver is Apache 2.4 and it should be correctly configured

This sounds like a local issue with your server. I assume “22.9” is the temperature that’s being sent.

I think that 22.9 is an error code.
Thanx for answering I’ll keep on looking for errors.

If the machine on which you’re running Apache is able to run netcat or nc, you might be able to debug the request that’s being sent:

netcat -lp 12345

Then change your flow to use port 12345 in the request.