HTTP call to pass a variable to Homey using a api

I have a HTTP call from a ESP8266 it worked with V1.x
In the IDE Arduino envoronment it is composed as follows:

http.begin(“”+String(temp0)); (temp0 is the variable to be passed to Homey - BetterLogic- variable!!)

im Homey V2.0 i now get this error:
{“code”:401,“error”:“not_logged_in”,“error_description”:“You need to log in to access this resource”}

Can anybody help me with the cards/parameters t use in V2.0 !!!

In the settings for the HTTP Request Flow Cards app, you need to disable authorization if you want it to work on v2. Look at this post, from point 6 onwards.

Thx. That was the was to go. IT now works.