Create a 433MHz app with new SDK?

A while back I managed to change the “BREL” example app to make an app work on my Homey. The intention was to clean up the app with correct logo etc, and maybe not publish, but create a tutorial on how to do it yourself (with what I’ve learned).

This was before the new SDK (2?) and I was wondering if there is a new way to create apps now compared to earlier?
Please see my old thread for reference:

My relay controller is a random one purchased from eBay/AliExpress and similar, so I’m not sure it will be the best for a public app, especially since the relay controller can be used for multiple things (if so, it will have to be more advanced with multiple logos and features).

Mine is using both relays to control a motor, and cannot stop like f.ex the BREL app it was based on. If I click stop, it crashes.
So I wanted to continue some work on the app, now that I got some more time on my hands, but want to be sure that it is worth doing, or if I should start from scratch for the new SDK (are there new examples etc).

Is this your app?

That already uses SDKv2.

Ok thanks :sweat_smile:
It’s been a year, so I’ll have to read up again.