Countdown flow need some help

Hi all.
First off i want to say that i am still on v1.5

Now the problem that i need to get some help with.
I want to make a flow that control my fogger in my vivarium that will be activated by time (4 times per day) and that will run for only 25 sec than turn the fogger off to be off to the next activation time again.

Hope you all getting what i am trying to explain.

If [time:every 6 hours]
Then [turn on], (whatever you control it with)
Then [turn off, delay 25s]

Or make the trigger a specific time if you want to control in what time it triggers (so not only on 0:00 6:00 12:00 18:00) and make it 4 flows

Just so i get it can you show men in a picture how it can look like?
Both the first and the second solution.

Something like this. Turn on a device and a delay off 25 seconds for turning off a device

Chck out the timer app:
It got all in one: switch on set the time period and you can even overrule

Do you got an example on that to show?

Ok than i need to upgrade to v2.0 to install the timer app and i am not willing to do that right now as i read about lots of issues in the v2.0

V2 is more stable then v1.5.
But issues are always there to be fixed. I would recommend to upgrade :pray:


Where did you see that?
I am also at v1.5 and do not see updates for timer app

Update: OK Indeed the app link is to a higher release which is beta…
Dont know if there is a way to still download the stable version (check with the developper)

It is when i try to install it it say that it can not be installed as i run wrong version.

Then try the Countdown App.

I got an solution that i will try tonight.

What was wrong with the 1st solution?

That´s the one i will try tonight :slight_smile: