Could not find that PairSession


I’m trying to connect my SolarEdge installation to Homey using the “zonnepanelen” app v4.0.13 but unfortunately i cannot register it, the error says: Could not find that PairSession.
I have tested the API key and System ID on and there everything is working fine. Anyone who can help me configure this on Homey?

Thanks in advance!

can’t find pair session happens when you put Homey’s app to the background during pairing, for example to copy something over.

Thats an… interesting feature. Got it working now, thanks a lot!

I have the SMA Solar app working fine on my Homey; it shows solar panel yield etc. All the communication parameters in the “Installer” mode are turned on and appear to be working. I also created an account at a few days ago, generated an API key and a short read-only key. When trying to install the PVoutput app on Homey, using the system ID and read-only key, I get the message “Inloggegevens Onjuist” most of the time and occasionally “Can’t find pair session”. No data is being passed to PV output. I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by putting the Homey app to the background. It is open when I am trying to install PVoutput on it.

What I hope to achieve is to access the more-or-less live production data in order to trigger an electrical boiler, or to turn it off. So far, I have been unable to achieve this. Perhaps you can help get my Homey plus SMA Sloar plus PVoutput working together. Thanks.

Hi Martin,

When adding my SolarEdge installation to Homey I used homey the app on my phone. I switched to my mail where I got my API key and back to the homey app to paste it and that triggered the “Could not find that PairSession” error. To fix that i copied the API key before I opened homey and pasted it without having to leave the app on my phone.

Hallo Nakkie040,

Thanks for your reply. I had assumed one needed to use the short |(read-only) key. I have now managed to log in with the full API key. Now hopefully to start getting it all to work together and communicating with each other… we shall see!