Zonnepanelen SolarEdge

I have the zonnepanelen app from @Diederik Bakker

When i choose Solaredge (I have a SolarEdge system) I need to log in with my Solaredge ID and Pasword, but when I do that, he says that it is incorrect, but when i try to log in on my Official Solaredge app on my iPhone, there are no problems with the same ID and password.

How can ik fix this problem?

Best regards Kevin

Ps. sorry for my poor English

Hi! You need an API key for the app, not a password. You can get this from the installer of your solar panels. See the instructions that are linked on the pairing screen of the Homey SolarEdge app (in the bottom).

Hay Diederik.
Thank for your fast answer.

I am sorry, I tried to find the instructions, but I can’t find them. (Everything of Homey is new for me)

Can I read the API etc from my Solaredge or must I have contact with Solaredge?

You can login on https://monitoring.solaredge.com with your credentials.

There you can get an Api under the settings/administration pages.

Depends if the installer is Administrator and makes the consumer a user or they mad you administrator. If you are not administrator contact the installer company. They will provide the api key then.

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Ah ok. Didn’t know that. I don’t have all the rights to edit stuff but could make a API.

Thank you.
I have searched on the link, but ik can see nothing more then my adress and KWh information.

I send an email to the installer of the solar panels.


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My bad, I hadn’t added them yet. The instructions here should help you though, good luck on contacting the installer and getting the API key.

I have the api from the installer,

It works now.

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I got my code by contacting SolarEdge support.
My installer didn’t want to gjve it to me.
That’s why i contacted SolarEdge and they responded immediatly with the right code.
Just explain why you need it.

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If you read on the solaredge website, they said that you must ask the api by your installer. So ik did, and the installer gave it to me.