Are there anyone out there that are using CouchPotato app by Ruud Burger? I just started to look into CP since there is an app for Homey, so I set up everything on my computer and was ready to install the app on Homey, but I only get a error message that states that I have the wrong Firmware version (4.2.0).

According to Github Ruud does not own a Homey anymore and the development seems to be halted. How serious might this firmware incompatibility be, can it be overriden by installing this via CLI?

I am not sure, but have you tried sonarr and radarr. In my opinion better software for the same purpose. Although I’m using for years now. No idea how CP works nowadays.

Well, I had a look into Radarr and Sonarr yesterday evening also. I have no idea which one that is best, but a friend recommended CP a while ago and therefore I wanted to check that first.

Also, CP seems to support Torrentday, which Radarr does not seem to do yet. But I can live without that for now

It may run if you change the compability property in the app.json file, but if it’s an SDKv1 app it will stop functioning once you upgrade to the upcoming firmware v5.

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