Convert lux value

Does anyone here happen to know how you can turn numbers into a flow? I want to convert a lux value to a number of, for example, 80 lux> 0.8. is this possible at all?

KSure you can :grinning:
Use better logic, with a math.js command you can do al kind of calculation.
This is a simple one:
Pull in the tag (in my case #helderheid) from your device

i use it to prevent my light going off right after they are turned on (turning on increases lux measured lux a bit)
They are turned on when #helderheid (measured lux) < huiskamer donker (a variable in better logic)
But I only turn them off if that value is 2 lux higher


You can calculate the same way with your lux:
(Sorry, you probably need to put brackets around to make it work, but I think you get the idea)