Controlling Somfy blinds

I am planning to buy a few Somfy blinds. I will probably buy the TaHoma hub to ease configuration and setup. Then I am planning scene controllers to control them. Is it possible to have just one scene controller with a single button to control the blinds? Where a push of this button is toggling up/down position for the blinds? Or do I need to have two separate buttons for up/down position?

Using a flow you can send up or down commands to as many blinds devices at once as you like.

For a toggling function, the status of the blinds has to be known to Homey.
Then you could do something like this:
button is pressed
Blind A is up
Blind B is up
Blind A down
Blind B down
Blind A up
Blind B up

Thanks! Does Homey typically know the status if I connect through the TaHoma hub?


I honestly don’t know, Kent.
Try here please

It depends on the type of blinds. If they are IO controlled then yes but no if they are RTS.

And if I am right, when they are RTS, you do not need a Thahoma box.
Don’t know if a Thahoma works with RTS.

Correct(ish) :wink:

In theory Homey can directly control RTS things but in my experience the range / reliability is not great.

I had a Tahoma box to control my RTS blinds before I had Homey.
When i got Homey I initially connected them directly to it but I found the blinds would often fall to open or close.
I used the Tahoma app to gain access to my Sunis IO and working with Lennart he added support for my door sensors. As I gained an understanding of how the app worked during that testing, I decided to fork the repo and added support for my RTS curtains and blinds to theTahoma app. Since then my blinds have been 99% reliable.


Thank you for the heads up! As mentioned, I will go for the TaHoma hub to increase stability and reliability. Do you think I will be fine with one single scene controller that will toggle up/down for the blinds?

I have one controller for each set of curtains that are stuck to the wall and remotes for each blind that hang on the wall.
They don’t get used very often as Homey opens and closes them based on the light level.

If I knew then what I know now I would have tried to get IO controlled stuff but I’m not sure it is around in the UK.