Controll Dali through Z-wave

I’m working on automating my home network with Z-wave and Homey Pro and need to control a few lamps using the Dali protocol. I’ve been able to tackle the low hanging fruit, but am now moving on to the more complicated items: connecting a Dali lamp.

Current situation:

  • In-wall box for the light has 3 wires: Load (220 V), Neutral and Protective Earth.
  • Wall swich has 2 wires: Load (220 V) and signal.
  • Home network standardizes on Z-Wave, using Homey Pro as a hub
  • The lamp has this power supply: OPTOTRONIC® LED Power Supply OTi DALI 50/220-240/1A4 LT2 FAN.

Desired solution:

  • Control the lamp from both Homey and the switch
  • There is no space at the light point for a power adapter (to turn 220 V into 24 V)

I found a Z-wave Dali controller, but it requires 12-24 V input:

Current thinking is to use the FAN output on the power supply (intended for an optional cooling FAN) to power the Z-wave Dali controller.
I doubt I am the first to run into this issue, so I’m hoping that anybody has prior experience with this?