Constant power usage

I have added Mill-app for my electric radiator, who haven’t power measuring. Therefore I have added “Costant power usage”. and added the power.
But i don’t understand why power usage does not go to 0w when my electric radiator is off? It continues to record power as it was operating. Is there anything i haven’t understood with constant power usage?

I guess its something that must be added into the by the devolper.

What you do now, is filling in the constant power. Constant means always i guess. If look to other devices you wil see that you can also fil in a minimal power usage.

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I guess the Mill app is a therrmostat and is always on, so if you would set the always on to 1000W it will tell Homey it uses 24x7 1000 Watt.
If it was a socket used by Homey to switch on and off to get your desired temperature it would have worked. Now while the thermostat is on that switches the heater off… that doesn’t work that way to get any usable reading.

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Thank you @RoyWissenburg and @Dijker. I think you are right. :+1: