Considering Vera Migration

Another concern seems that the Fibaro app is really unstable. I see features working one day to stop working the next.

yeh I don’t think the forum is really an Athom thing directly more just a few Mods, power users and generally users. This thread was a similar topic so I think thats why they suggested joining the thread :slight_smile:

Pretty sure there is reasonable scripting power with Homey. From my reading Fibaro devices seem to mostly play nicely with Fibaro controllers, which is a pity as the devices seem well built but they are kinda the Apple of the HA world so makes sense.

Anders, you have joined the forum at the same time as v2.0 has been released, which is why you may have seen quick updates on the status of certain devices. (9 Updates to the app in 10 days).

Fibaro is stable, (and much faster than upon Vera : talking form experience) - there are however some bugs.

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Vera is really fast for devices that does not fubar its commands. Like here with my Roller Shutter 2, plus support it excellent for it.

Seems Homey sadly does not have near the same support for the shutter 2 at this point :confused:

Though why I want to leave VEra is because they have a bug with Fibaro Double Switch 2 any subsequent command after a command to a Double 2 will be severely delayed. Here I repro it in a video

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Thats pretty sweet integration with the Roller Shutter, lots of flexibility of control. If you are happy with Vera for everything bar the Fibaro then I wouldn’t be moving platforms just for that, I would be looking at either waiting it out if they do plan to fix the Fibaro issue (although it is Vera you might be waiting a while) or looking at choosing another option for the Fibaro Double Switch and just on sell that on Ebay. If you have other issues with Vera then of course take a look around for another Hub/Software solution for the integration and Logic

Bit of an understatement, I remember that issue from over 10 months ago …

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Yeh agreed, I do think things have slowed down a bit. I haven’t been a super long term Vera user maybe 18 months but I have noticed originally it was regular each 2 - 3 months firmware upgrades with fixes and new devices added etc but I have noticed there have been no new integration of late (been waiting on Aeotec Water Sensor 6 for length, the native Alexa integration “device is not responding” then it does the action anyway issue is still ongoing etc). My theory is looking at the couple of big threads that kicked off a while back around really revamping Vera and the Web Interface/Mobile app and other priorities it sounds like they are going hard in the background trying to get a big over haul happening.

From my (limited) knowledge, they were bought out, and are now focusing on a new UI.

However they also commented that they felt that their current hardware was up to the task and would not be getting a bump.

For the people who complain about Homey’s 1Ghz and 512Mb ram- the every day vera runs on 600Mhz and 128Mb ram.

There was no mention of video camera’s in your setup? That too is a work in progress.

ahhhh I didn’t see any info about on them being bought out but that does make sense! Their GUI is a bit awkward although I don’t think it’s their major issue. Would be a hard business model to as their offering isn’t exactly high priced, literally less than a lot of the software only hub options yet it includes, albeit a very low powered, hardware and without an on going subscription model its not like they have lots of incoming revenue stream for ongoing dev.

Yeh I do wonder on the power front if it is sometimes the cause of the occasional lag I see with things like motion sense -> light on. Most of the time its instant then say every tenth operation it might lag out for 4 seconds before a light coming on and I wonder if its jus cause some other scenes have executed and are sill processing. My basic test config of Homeseer I haven’t seen that sort of lag as yet.

I do have cams, HIKVision which are probably the go to DIY standard. I kinda feel like Security cams are almost in their own scenario separate from HA, there is just a whole other world of feature set you expect from a DVR/NVR that there are already great solutions for (Blue Iris/Synology or QNAP NAS inbuilt software). I do feel there is some good opportunity for integration between cams and HA though and with Vera they do have a decent Blue Iris plugin or you can call scenes from http so can actually have a win by using the motion sensor on a camera to get Vera to do things without needing an extra stand alone motion sensor. Over all as long as I could use a camera as a trigger, view a cam live stream within the HA app or on a Dashboard I would be happy with that level of features from a HA solution. Anything more I am happy to open a dedicated DVR/NVR app :slight_smile:

Thanks, my script even rembers which lights that was on and turns only those on when screen goes up, and offcourse remain dim level :slight_smile:

Problem is I have bought 20 Fibaros, which I have installed 6 already. Sure I’m covered by EU warranty so I can return the Fibaros free of charge since Vera plus Fibaros does not work as intended which is covered by EU warranty laws. But those 6 will be a pain to uninstall etc, and here in sweden Fibaro and Qubino are the only ones sold basicly and Qubino has it own set of problems, for example I’ve read it easily overheat.

This whole ordeal is just a big headache, HA will never go mainstream as long as the implementation is like this. z wave alliance need to start policing their licenses, each new device needs to be carefully tested against the zwave standard and if it fails on any given point it should not be sold.

Vera have known about this problem for over a year, they even lie about the state on their product compatibility list. I won’t hold by breath this will be fixed any time soon.

I just ordered a Shelly WiFi switch which should be highly adjustable (REST api). I didn’t receive it yet but I think it could be a cheap and reliable alternative for Fibaro. For PIR/door contacts I use Aqara’s which are relatively cheap, reliable and power friendly.

yeh that is tough! we are semi lucky in Aus at it seems Aeotec are releasing here pretty regularly most of their models in the Aus spec frequency. yeh realistically the HA that will go mainstream will be your Smarthings/Alexa style scenario. I do prefer ZWave tho as it provides some separation from your general wifi for security and load.

Yeh I think your right there has to be better integration rollouts but I reckon maybe the best method would be not just ZWave alliance but individual developer/manufacturers making it happen e.g. Aeotec/Fibaro/Innovelli etc producing their product and then working direct with the major Hub providers (maybe even supplying beta early release prototypes) to ensure the implementation happens promptly and works well. ZWave alliance just really set the overall standard for the way in which ZWave should work and the actual device implementation will be very specific to the device and manufacturer.

ZWave alliance just really set the overall standard for the way in which ZWave should work and the actual device implementation will be very specific to the device and manufacturer.

Thats the problem right there. Z-wave is such a bad protocol/standard so the manufatures need to create custom scenarios like this. Actually wrote a blogpost about it a while back.

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I will take a look at that, sounds interesting. I haven’t had a super close look at the protocol itself so would be good to check it out.

One thing I have found is that I have found it to work pretty reliably by comparison to everything else apart from a completely wired system.

There is nothing wrong with the low level protocol, the problem is in its higher function like the software stack.

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Interesting read, almost as interesting as the banter in the comments section below it :wink:


Hehe, yeah persistent guy :slight_smile: some people just want to be blindly happy with what they buy :slight_smile: