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“connection” between Schneiders - IHC Controller an HOMEY

You need a raspberry pi, where you install IHC Captain,
The released version can’t connect to IHC :frowning:

Please ask the developer Mikkel for a beta version http://jemi.dk/ihc/

Start flows from IHC Captain

Install Webhook manager on you Homey
Webhook Manager App til Homey | Homey

Login to your Homey Developer page and choose “webhook manager”
Homey Developer Tools

On the bottom of the page copy your GET URL – delete ”data fields” (&data1=data_field_1_here&data2=data_field_2_here&data3=data_field_3_here)

Use the URL to start flows from IHC Captain (your_event_name_here, has to be changed with your webhook manager “On event” name)

Remember to change

Create an event in In IHC Captain (Save to URL)
Insert your URL and choose ”get”
Test it and save


Control IHC fra Homey

In settings for IHC Captain choose ”API” to create a ”token”


In IHC Captain you need to find the item you want to control.
Hold ”CTRL” down and push left mouse button, now you will be able to see the ID number you need to use in Homey

Create a flow in Homey and use the Logic http GET to send your request to IHC Captain. In this example I disable my IHC Alarm (Alarm Frakoblet)

Curl example:

Boolean values can be:

Please remember to support the developer of IHC Captain.

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