Connecting Daikin Heat pumps

I have a Daikin Fit heat pump with a Daikin Touch thermostat. Is there any way to bring this into Homey Pro? I have them in Homekit via Homebridge. It was easy enough to do. I cannot see a way to do this with Homey.
Thanks for any advice

If it is supported by espaltherma you can integrate it (only reading) with an esp32, a homeyscript, a flow or with mqtt

Thanks Diapolon. I have not heard of espaltherma. Being new to Homey I am finding my way. I don’t see it in the App Store? Could you point me in the right direction?

espaltherma is a external project that read info from daikin and rotex heat pump

If your heat pump is supported, you can read data and send it to homey by mqtt or json (i have forked espaltherma for json data)

I will be installing a Daikin FIT system (with Daikin One Touch thermostat) soon.
I will be very interested in this as well… (if it’s even possible).