Connecting an unsupported device (Nobo heater)

Currently I have my home equipped with the Nobo heaters that are controlled by Nobo hub using wifi to connect to the heaters. The system can be controlled using either a phone app or a Nobo wifi remote that connects to the hub. The remote is basically a four button switch powered by a CR2032 battery:

  • Schedule: radiators are using predetermined schedule saved on the hub
  • Comfort: all radiators maintain comfort temperature (22 in my case)
  • Away: all radiators maintain away temperature (14 in my case)
  • Vacations: all radiators maintain vacation temperature (7 in my case)

Homey does not have any app to connect to Nobo system and I am wondering if there is any workaround.

I would like Homey to be able to switch Nobo between Schedule and Away states.

I was wondering if this can be done through any of the following:

  • Sniffer. I know, that e.g. 433MHz signal can be sniffed by Broadlink RM Pro+. Is there a similar wifi sniffer that can mimic a signal sent by Nobo remote (most likely not, though, because it is not about sending a wifi signal, but sending a signal to the Nobo hub that it would accept)

  • ammending Nobo switch with several receivers soldered to the respective buttons. Once Homey sends signal, a receiver should short the circuit of the respective button briefly, thus emulating button press. Notably, I do not need any feedback from Nobo to Homey. So, one-way receiver should work.

Hence, do you know of any receivers supported by Homey that can do the job? Obviously, the receiver should be self-powered/externally powered, since it cannot be powered from the Nobo switch.

Thank you.

I follow you on this issue, I have a simliar setup at my home, but older.
I have 6 Nobø TRB36 floor thermostats, which are communicating on RF with a older Orion Hub. It should be possible to control the thermostats from Homey. From my reading, nobody had done any effort on the Nobø/Glen-Dimplex internal communication systems. I am training myself to be able to build this myself, but will take time.

By the way, from all I have read, the frequency of communication is 868. (pardon the Norwegian here)

Homey is able to both communicate and sniff on 868, as well as 433


On Homey Developer
you can Record a Signal and Emulate a Signal.

I stand corrected, it is not sniffing as such, just recording 4 sec of 433 or 868. And with an uknown comm protocol, it is a long stretch.

Hello Jan. Did you manage to find a way to control Nobø heaters with Homey Pro? I have various Nobø wall heaters and also floor heating thermostats that I can control through the Nobø app. I’m planning to purchase Homey Pro 2023, but if I won’t be able to control the heating system, it will be a significant drawback. Please, can you write me a response if it’s already possible? Thank you.

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