Connected HUE hub with Matter. Flows broken. No scenes?!

I’ve connected my HUE hub with my HP23 because I read I could solve some problems with slow or non responding HUE devices. Connecting went without any problems, so I disabled the HUE app as I read that has to be done. And now most of my lighting flows are broken because they depend heavily on HUE scenes and I can’t find how to activate them. Am I screwed now?

Devices that you access through Matter are, from Homey’s standpoint, different devices than the ones that were accessed the “old-fashioned” way. So that will break flows. And since scenes aren’t part of the Matter protocol, they can’t be accessed over Matter.

You can delete the Matter-based devices from Homey and then reenable the Hue app.

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JFYI In case you want to fix your flows because of changed devices, you can use a nice script:

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I thought I read that connecting the HUE hub with Matter only changed the way the HP communicates with the HUE hub. Also, I have not connected anything with Matter to the HUE hub. So I assumed all functionalities from the HUE hub would be accessible as normal, just via a different protocol.

I ended up deleting all old HUE devices, and keeping the Matter ones, and re-enabling the HUE app. I fixed all my scripts and flows manually, and stuff works again. No idea how I am connected to the HUE hub, though.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I already made all changes manually, but I’ll remember this for next time.

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Well, that protocol needs to be able to support all the features of the hub, and “scenes” aren’t a part of the Matter protocol.