Confirm with push notification force closes and fails flow

I have oneplus 9 pro running Android 12 and since more than a week ago I have a bed time flow that fails.

I have a Zigbee outlet near my bed that’s supposed to initiate a flow when I plug in my phone. It should confirm on the phone that I’m in bed. If I push ok it launches another flow that shuts down the house and locks the doors.

I’ve tried changing it but still force closes and fails to initiate the flow. I need to have push in case I go to bed before wife and leave her in the dark.

Android 12 & 13 seems to be affected. No clue what “Latest version” should be.
Athom is working on it, here’s a workaround to be found:

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Fixed it, latest version = Android 12

Thanks for the workaround! Will try to give this one a try with Telegram.

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Lost een probleem op met push notificaties in Flows, lost een probleem op waarbij prijzen voor Homey Premium niet correct worden weergegeven.

This is the text at the new Homey Smartphone App v6.11.11


Where can I find this version? The current version in the Google Play Store is v6.11.10

Sorry, this is the bèta version.

Ok…where can I find that beta version?

On the Play Store, you have to sign in to become a bèta tester.