Community Backup & Restore for Homey v2 and Up! [Alpha Version]

I have more!

16 apps now.
Removed some, that I may want to save memory.
Athom says 15-20 apps in a normal Homey.
Have had several times where memory consumptions is up in 100%, sometimes hanged the whole Homey. Athom support suggested that Pro might be an alternative, and now I did have some discount on a Pro, so its already bought and delivered. So that is how its gonna be. Thought I might be more free to grow, futuresafe and test things. I assume that a normal Homey Early 2019, some months old will not be a problem to sell.

So, my concern now is the migrate.
If Dijker or somone else have some ideas about my wonderings in my original post, about the Z-devices, the AppDevice, the gate/bridge and the way to go, I would appriciate some thoughts.

As i read your post, i suspect it is just due to the memory leak many user suffer from.
Did you already upgrade to firmware 2.4.1? That seems to solve the memory leak problem fore a number of users.

Yes. Running 2.5.0.
So, maybe memoryleak is not a problem anymore. It has actually worked smoother latley. Thanks for info.
Anyhow, still interrested in going to Pro and HCB&RWA might be the way if Athom not come up with anything, so ideas about the thoughts in my orgininal post are welcome.

Since there is no possibility to transfer/migrate devices, it’s just a manner of unregistering the devices from the current Homey and then register them to the new one.
Make sure the unregister procedure from the current Homey is done correctly and successful. If it doesn’t go as should, you could run into problems when registering it to the new Homey because the device thinks it’s still registered to another controller.

You can however perform a backup with the app from @Dijker and use the generated json files to rebuild your flows and device settings just the way they were (either by trying to restore by the app or manually with the data from the files).

Since you have not that many flows and devices, I personally would recommend to make screenshots of your flows, folders and devices and the corresponding settings. Then migrate manually. @StefanS

PS. It is best to make the screenshots of the flows in the web flow editor with a modified stylesheet so that the If, And, Then columns are in one view. You can find the css tweaks for the web flow editor on this forum.

Maybe you have a point there, Skorpion.
Flow looks nice on web with css-changes in Chrome. Thanks for input.
Maybe I can use backup/restore for 433-devices (that isnt so smart devices) and zones, folders etc. I’ll take a look.

Have now made my first backup. Looks good.
But I dont know if I miss somethine, but when loadning zip-file for restore, and then selects the tabs, nothing is visable under the “Apps from Backup, Variables form Backup” and so on. Am I doing it wrong?

I have now migrated from Homey to Homey Pro.
Just thoght I should send some feedback.

My request to Athom gave the result i exppected. They are pointing out that Backup/Restore from them are coming, but will not give any timelines. And they excused that they earlier had mentioned versions were they said it would come.

I have used HCB&RWA partly in my migration.
At first when testing with zones and other small things I could not get the restore to work, but after testing more, I realized that some thing worked for me and some not. Here comes what I did.
Started with Zones, and that did not work at all. They showed under “from backup”, but when pressing restore nothing happened. So these, I had to create manually on my Pro.
Logic worked fine. All my variables was restored without problem.
Folders also fine. Mark all and restore.
Apps as well. Marked all, and clicked restore, and they were downloaded and installed.
I did not have any Alarms, so I cant tell there.
So, the devices. I still have many 433 devices, like 35 of them. (A history I am working on to replace…) All via KlikAanKlikUit. Worked perfect. Saved me a looot of time, not needed to rescan those, all over the building, built in and so on. Marked all, restore, and all in directly. Very good.
As stated, Z-wave and ZigBee is not supported for restore. Due to the problem with Homeys ZigBee-stack, I have all my Ikea-bulbs via Ikea Gateway, and my Hue-bulbs via Hue Bridge. This I was very happy with in this situation, as I just configured the Gateway and Bridge easy, pressed the buttons and all those devices came in at once. Very easy.
Left in devices was my direct connected ZigBee, mostly Xiaomi and one Z-wave. Those I had to remove manually from old Homey, and reinstall in Pro. It was not so many, but it took some time, as the were mounted around the building.
Had some , but those I populated manually, not so much work.
So I came to the Flows.
This unfortunatly did not go well. Tried to mark and press restore, but nothing happened. No error, but just nothing happened.
So this have taken me some time, but I did like you say @Skorpion. Screenshotted them all, and manually recreated them on the Pro. As I had both machine up parallell, I could do some cut and paste between windows in Flow editor, so that saved me some typing. But with my amount of flows, it was do-able.

But to sum up, I am quite happy! HCB&RWA have, for what I got to work, been a great help! All time saved is good. Then there have been some work to do manually, but now I am over, an will soon be resetting my old Homey and sell it.
So, thanks a lot for this util @Dijker! Keep up the good work.


Hi @Dijker, my Homey died and i have a back-up of my flows from May. A zip file:

I don’t know which app i used to generate this zip file. Whether its this Alpha version or Flow Backups app that I used in v1. Can you tell somehow by the name of the zip file which app/method generated it?

Eventually I need to be able to import the flows someway. Any suggestions are welcome.

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As i look at my files, it seems to be the from older Flow Backups app…
The files from HCB&RWA start with “Backup-”

HMm… is there a way to import them or make them readable so I can create them manually again ?

If you did not rename the file this is a backup of your Homey with the name “Homey” from the version 1.x on 2019 05 02 at 20u42…

That can be read by extracting and opening in notepad but can only be restored on a version 1.x Homey.

That’s going to be a hell of a job. 45.000 lines. That will take me months to restore. Unless someone has a un-used Homey v1 that i could use to load. That will give me at least a visual representation.

Just open the zip and open one of the json files.
I use Eyal Post Json viewer, that makes it far more readable.
But i think any decent json viewer should do.

Yeah, the JSON is “okay” to read. But a visual representation would i think make it faster to manually re-create the flows.

is it just me, or is this tool down?

im getting: (in chrome, normal and incognito)
{“code”:400,“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“redirect_uri does not match”}


Restore of sub-zones and sub-folders of flows are not working. The folders are both created in root and not in their original folder.

Restore of Flows does not seem to work with me at all, owh wait, if I do only one or two it works. Have 199 flows…

Try to restore from backup of my Homey to a new Homey Pro, both with 3.2.0 firmware.

Nice work @Dijker!
Question: does it also backup scripts from Homey Scripts app?

not yet but the official Homey Cloud Backup from Athom takes all App settings.

I will look into it to make that possible!

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