Collapsible Device List

It would be great if the device list details were collapsible so one could quickly find the device and then expand it to see the details.

Device list details… where is that. Can you elaborate a bit more please? Screenshots would be nice.

Developer Site->Tools->Devices

Only showing one device, but there are pages and pages of them. An accordion view would be very nice or a drop-down list to go directly to the device I want to look at.

That’s the developer view.
You can search for devices and take a look at technical specifications and capabilities.
What are you missing? It shows all capabilities, their type and value.

It’s not a user GUI.

There’s a search bar at the top. Very easy to focus on one device imho.
Although it’s painstakenly slow here :smirk:

But Ronny has a point, what do you need this for if I may ask?