Filter list of devices when adding new device

Whenever adding new devices (especially light bulbs) I find that I often add devices of a type that I already have installed. Either when adding a new lamp with multiple bulbs, or replacing a defective bulb. In these cases it can be cumbersome to find the device in a large list, often with multiple bulbs with identical icons and only a device ID being slightly different (e.g. Namron bulbs).

My suggestion to help improve the experience is to be able to do one or more of the following (in my personally preferred order):

A) Filter the device list and show only device types already installed
B) List last added device(s) in the top of the list
C) Mark any installed devices in the list with a badge of some sort making it easier to locate.

It depends on the app that you are using but often you are presented with a list of device types first and then the list of items should only show new items.
However some apps, group all their types into one driver so the initial list has just one option to choose from. Also, it depends on what information is stored when a device is paired and what is available upon discovery to determine if the discovered item has already been included. If the information matched then it is not shown.
So, if you have an app that is not working as it could then contact the developer to see if anything can be done. However, once an app has started down the path it can be impossible to make a change without breaking existing installations.