Addition of Notes Field for devices?

It would be really useful to have a free text field for Notes with every Device that can contain useful info.

ie a unique identifier ie LWRem001 for Lightwave Remote #001 or ZW003 for ZWave #003

I find it very useful to put labels on the actual devices which are physical identifiers abstracted from the logical naming such as Guest Bedroom (Left) Switch

Also I make note of the battery type and date installed in the notes ie Eneloop 25/4/19 so I can understand how long the battery lasts for.

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Ok will do

Please allow a question.
What is the purpose of the category „Ideas & Suggestions“?


To ask questions that are alr answered? Nah!

Sorry @Rocodamelshekima don’t quite understand the response ?

As u can see it was a reaction on the post of osorkon.

@Rocodamelshekima Ok I guess alr is shortform for already?

I am new to Homey so still struggling with your response.

Ideas and Suggestions is not a place to ask questions already responded too?
I get that, but I am missing the context - has the question - can we add a text Field for Notes already been answered somewhere else - sorry I missed it.

So, according to the motto: Here you can exchange ideas and suggestions that may have nothing to do with the functionality of the homey.

Don’t get me wrong m8. This is nothing personal to any of u guys. This is the correct place to discuss ideas and suggestions, ur right about that. And Roy is also right: Athom is not reading the forums 24/7. To give u a small detail: an Athom employee with 4.6K read posts (this one has the most of all Athom employees) against a moderator with 33K+ posts read. It’s just not a good place to make requests for such things. And there is only 1 good place for that, stated by Roy and in the opening / welcome post at #11:
“When you come up with a really good enhancement that would benefit everyone create a support case or email support.”
So discuss what u like about the extra field notes and find out later that they will never be added as long there is no support case made or emailed to support. Like i said, no offence!


Understood, no offence taken :slight_smile:

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I’m new to Homey and after adding a lot of different devices I was also looking for a way to add some additional info about a device. I hope Athom will add an extra comment field soon. That would be very helpfull.