Chromecast app does not find chromecast 3

I have installed chromecast beta app on homey v2. And if i want to search for my chromecast it can not find any. What is the proper procedure for installing the chromecast. Does it have to be in the same wlan as the homey or in the same wlan as the app.

I have also tried this with the stable app, and also no go.

In the previous version of homey it worked just fine, but for some reasons i uninstalled the app. But now i want to have it up and running again.

Didnot work here also. Back to the stable version resolved it

nope did not work for me. It still gives the error message there are no more new apparatus found. Which suggest the old one is still somewhere in the memory. But how can I delete this one or find this one.

If you really think it’s still lingering in memory and not as a device then a reboot of Homey should be enough…

Did a reboot, but no succes

OK riddle solved, it had to be in the same vlan as the homey.

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