Check sunset

When I leave home, I start a flow that activates an absence flow:
WHEN it’s 10 minutes before sunset THEN put on some lights. This works fine.

Eg: sunset is at 17:00. When I activate the absence flow at 16:00, the lights go on automatically at 16:50 (10 minutes before sunset). But when I activate the absense flow at 17:00 or later, the moment of the trigger is passed so the lights go on at 16:50 the next day.

I want this to work also on the day I leave home after the moment of the trigger. So I made an additional flow that runs at the same moment when I activate the absence flow.

What I wanted to make is a check flow for the same day action:
WHEN this flow is started AND it’s later than 10 minutes before sunset THEN put on some lights.

I think this will work fine. But until now the only thing I can make is:
WHEN this flow is started AND it’s after sunset THEN put on some lights.

The absence flow together with the check flow for the same day action work fine when (in this example) I leave home before 16:50 and after 17:00. But when I leave home between 16:50-17:00 the lights turn on the next day.

How can I solve this?

What Is wrong with just one simple flow?

And your choice not to switch on the lights when you are at home makes you automatically responsible. So just turning on the lights regardless of presence is maybe a better way?

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Thank you for your suggestion.

I’m afraid Presence isn’t working for us because my partner often leaves home without phone (even in 2020!). That’s the reason why I made an absence flow that has to be activated manually.

The issue with the current solution isn’t a big problem but I find it challanging to make fool- and faultproof solutions! That’s the reason I’m looking for a way to check if it’s later than 10 minutes before sunset. Any suggestions how I can do that?

You can Enable a flow when it is ten minutes before Sunset, in this flow you can do whatever you need to do. Don’t forget to Disable the flow at a time it’s not needed anymore.

You gave me a good idea :grinning:, thank you!

First I start a flow every day at fifteen minutes befor sunset and set a boolean to Yes (and reset that after 20 minutes):

The check flow for the same day action:

To be honest, I would prefer an AND card to check if it is 15 minutes before sunset, that would make the flow easier, but this card doesn’t seem to exist.

Glad to have been able to help,
maybe you did not find the App: Zonnestanden (yet), it has more settings, maybe good for you?

Personally, I don’t like these functions for lights, I prefer to use a light sensor for switching my lights and close my curtains, so when it is a dark cloudy day, my lights switch on earlier than on a sunny day