Changing a device in an app

I’ve a roborock s5 max. There is a custom (CLI) app that works with my S5 max. The first app the zone cleaning and target point didn’t work. But cleaning/ status and fan speed was working.
A few weeks ago someone else made a update. The Zone cleaning and target point is working now, but fan speed didn’t work anymore (I hear the beep, but it is changing always to balanced).

Where can I find the document for this device (I don’t know where to look)? So I can see where there is made a change. I’m not a programmer, but seeing what is changed can help me to find the solution.



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With file comparison software, often called ‘diff’, you can compare similar files of different versions, any change between them is marked.
If the filedates are still intact, start with the most recent files I would say.

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Wonderful. Works.

A big thank you
(in the second reference, the purifier 3H still does not work)

I didn’t make this app. A few guys with the same issue on GitHub has made it. Unfortunately I can’t program this things. But looking for some change is something I can do. So tonight I’m going to try it.

Thank you for the link.

I’ve found the code line with the change. And it works (with zone cleaning)
Only this wasn’t the problem. so looking for another problem :joy:
But couldn’t find the way to use fan speed for a roborock.

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For everybody who needs it. There is someone on Github that have made a new version for the s5max vacuum. With fan speed / water level and room cleaning.

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