Change Sonos Set Volume to a value instead of a slider

In the Sonos app there’s an option of Set Volume, where you can set the volume with a slider.
If it was an input value field instead you’d be able to you tags or transitions as input.

Who says this is not possible? :grin:

The use of tags (pulling the tag over the slider) is possible; just search for Sonos and volume on this forum.

Also the transitions app topic shows an flow example creating a volume transition to fade in and out the Sonos volume.

I must admit I’m rather new at this.

But I’ve tried dragging a tag to the slider, and nothing seems to happen.
And where do you see the Sonos example?
I can’t see it on

Hi again

I found it (Transitions — Flexible time transitions), it helps when I read what you actually wrote.

I managed to get it to work, it’s just very tricky to get the tag to be accepted by the slider - the Homey apps seem a little finicky about that.

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Just use the Chrome browser and ignore the warning.

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I didn’t know you could do that.

But after trying it, I find that it’s just as finicky.