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No "local tag" to change volume of Sonos after update to V2

Situation: I have an IKEA dimmer, which I previously used to change the volume of my (out of reach) Sonos speaker. This worked okay-ish. Good enough to keep it in use, at least!

After the update to V2 yesterday, my Sonos-speaker’s “set volume” now has “NaN%” as a value. The problem is that the local tag of the dimmer, isn’t carried over to the “Then…” part of the flow. I can use it within the “And…” part, to check with Logic if the value is over a certain number. But there’s no way to use the same value in the volume of the speaker.

Any tips?
Here’s a video of the flow. The local tag is visible in the top when tapping “Value” in that window.

That’s a known issue for the ikea-dimmer. But report it to Athom anyway, so they can see what issues are most important…

I thought I was doing something wrong, so I figured a topic was enough. However, I also reported it through the support page now.

Any other, hopefully temporary, solutions available to change the volume? Maybe store the value somewhere and use it on the Sonos (if possible)?

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You could think of buying a xiaomi aqara cube (€10 ish)and make a variable with logic as an alternative?

I have just gotten a reply from Athom, that this has been fixed and will be available soon (App v2.0.3.247).