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Add Sonos "fade to volume" instead of "set volume"

I have just gotten a Sonos Play:1, but I noticed that there’s only “set volume to Y”, not a “fade volume from X to Y”, which would be really nice. Let’s say that my speaker is off, I would like it to follow this flow:

  1. Set volume to 0
  2. Start playing
  3. Fade volume to 50%
  4. Fade volume to 0% (with 9 minute delay)
  5. Pause (with 10 minute delay)

Even better if you can set how long the fade should last!

Or something like that. Maybe the beta app supports this? I haven’t tried that one yet.

Is that an existing option within the Sonos API that (still) needs to be implemented into Homey’s Sonos app?
Or is this a feature request for something that is not supported yet in the Sonos API?

Anyway, it is already possible to create (a) flow(s) that achieves the same result; check out the transitions app (topic)…

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In all honesty, I have no clue if their API supports it! I’m going to check out transitions, thanks!

Hi Robbert

Did you get it to work?
Can you share your flow(s) if you did?

Hi Jonas,

Sadly, I don’t understand transitions yet, and I have not had the time to find examples or anything. If you figure it out, you’re also very welcome to share :smiley:

@Robbert Please check this example:

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