Change parameters in advanced flow on phone app

Hi all!

I know that Advanced flow is limited to the web GUI and I understand why. However would it be possible to open up some functions in the phone app like changing parameters for AF’s?

I have an AF for a dimmable bulb over our kitchen table. It’s a super basic flow that “when button X is pressed dim the bulb to 60%”. I felt that 60% was a tiny bit low so I wanted to change it to 70%. I opened the phone app and realized that it was an AF and had to go get my laptop.

I thought that it wouldn’t be impossible to have the flows parameters in the app even if the flow is locked due to being AF. I my example the app could show the flow with an option to click on the %-value and change it. In other AF’s it could be the time, a lux value or temperature.

Of course I realize that people have AF’s that look like spread sheets and those might be all but impossible to open up for this function…but there are much smarter devs than me so there might be a way.

Also, I do know that an AF is not the smartest choice for such a basic flow as for our kitchen table light…but I like to use AF so my flows are prepared to be expanded if needed in the future.


You can set a logic variable:

now you can setup the dimlevel with your mobile.