Can't send a file to the audioboard app


I’m trying to upload some short audio files to the audioboard app
I could make it work one time by luck but 99% of the time I get an “invalid type” error although the files I tried from many different sources are mp3 smaller than 900kb
I 'm I missing something here or is the upload feature of the audiiboard app currently broken?

Regards & thanks

Maybe your mp3 files are of vbr type, or have a bitrate higher than f.i. 128. Something like that.
It’s not specified, but let’s assume they should be simple, low bitrate mp3 files.
Is uploading .wav files still OK?

While looking at the reviews @ the app page, others also say mp3’s cannot be uploaded anylonger.

I advice you to send Athom (the app maker) a mail.

thanks a lot Peter :smiley:
do you know a website where I can find audio files with this bitrate?
also it seems that the autor of the app is Athom :sweat_smile:

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I will try wav files, thanks for the advice :smiley:

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Maybe this one

It offers a lot of file extensions. Maybe, if an mp3 doesn’t upload to H., then download the .wav instead, and then convert it into an mp3 yourself.
BUT maybe the mp3 part of that app is just crippled in some way!

An other approach:
I play sounds through my Ghome mini’s, if you have one of those Chromecast compatible devices.
Then you can cast the url of the mp3 to it, no need to download first.

Example of playing barking dogs sounds:

Or use the Universal Media Player app WITH Music URL Converter

That way you can play bigger files on Homey .

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Thanks Arie
I am grateful to be part of such an active community :smiley: