Can't reach server (ik kan de server niet bereiken)

Since more than a month, my homey can’t reach the server. Everytime I have to get the power off the router and restart Homey again. Than it works fine for a few hours but after a while Homey can’t reach the server.
I’ve contacted athom support and on their recommendation I’ve updated the app (beta version) on my mobile phone (Athom seems to bee focusing on my app which I don’t understand but hey…I’m not a software engineer :slight_smile: ). It’s a little bit better because Homey works for max ­± 24 hours but then the problem occurs again.

Support said an engineer will look into my log/issue. The thing is, it’s more than a month now that Homey isn’t working so I hope there is someone else who help me out. Suggestions are more than welcome!

I think its broken. Contact athom again (orherwise your garanty will expired)

Try a different power supply (USB power adapter that can provide 2A or more).

Thats also a possibility

I am an “early bird” buyer so my garanty is expired.

Have read something simular on the forum so if tried that, problem still present