Can't install ShellyApp anymore

I can’t install the ShellyApp (Allterco Robotics) on my Homey Pro model 2019 anymore. Incompatible_app_version is the errormessage I continuously get.
What am I doing wrong?
I used the app since 2020. The last months I noticed Homey telling me the Shelly devices could stop working. In decided to re-install the app. After that I can’t get the app installed anymore.

You better can ask it overhere.

And then you´ll end up here if all went well. There’s been a major breaking change 6 weeks ago:

I can’t install the Shelly App in my Homey Pro 2019. The Homey shows an errormessage ‘incompatible_app_version’.
I don’t know what I am doing wrong?

Since you don’t seem to have posted your question on the relevant Shelly thread that @Peter_Kawa pointed you to, have you sent a support request to Athom, as maintainer of the App Store, to ask them about it?