Can't connect the POPP 700342 10 Years Smoke Detector to Homey Pro

Hello, I tried to connect POPP 10 Years Smoke Detector to my Homey Pro controler but it failed. I can’t find the device in the list devices.
How can I connect the z-wave equipment to Homey Pro?
Basic Z-wave Device solution is not good implemantation. I can do nothing with it.

If there isn’t an app especially for these smoke detectors of this company in the app store, then the chance is very low that these devices are currently supported by Homey.
Each Z-Wave device has a manufacturer ID, product type ID and device ID. If these IDs are not present in any app, then the devices are added as “Generic Device”.

You can write your own App or make an app request in this thread. But I guess the chance that someone will develop an app for these devices will be really small, sorry.

Hello Thank you for your reply. I found that the device which I have is POPP equipment which is RF smoke detector with z-wave modul and it should work with Homey but it doesn’t. There is POPP application for POPP devices and I choose correct type of POPP sensor.

If it’s e real POPP smoke detector (not rebranded one!) you can just try the test version of the POPP app.

If it doesn’t work either, you can try to contact the app developer @ MarcoRuiter (without space between @ and the name).

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Sorry Fantross, what does mean contact @MarcoRuiter? How can I contact the person with this address? I bought the Homey Pro few days ago and I am confused a bit. The Smoke Detector is realy POPP device (POPE700342). Mayba should I send an email to I look forward your answer.

Hello @MarcoRuiter, I have a POPP (POPE700342) 10 Years Smoke Detector and I can’t connect the device to Homey Pro using your POPP app. Could you be so kind and advice me how to do it please? I would appreciate. I received a message “No compatible Homey App has been found for this device. It has been added as a basic Z-Wave device” during connection activity. Basic Z-wave Device solution is not good implemantation. I can do nothing with it. I could connect the decvice correctly to Domoticz on Rpi with Z-wave Aeotec Gen5 gateway and using Razberry and system. The POPP Smoke Detector was assignet correctly woithout any problems there. The issue is related to the POPP app on Homey Pro I think. Many thanks. Regards. Areks

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Hello Dirk @fantross, I sent a message to POPP company and received interesting information. Please see it below:
“The problem is currently that the app for Homey is not managed by us (he ment POPP company). We are already working on our own app which is about to be tested for the first time.
I will try as soon as possible to provide a test version, where the detector already works.
I will send you the link that you need.”
“Unfortunately, the POPP APP is not maintained by Marcor Ruiter, so with the latest updates from Homey, some devices no longer work properly.
We have developed our own app, which integrates the existing and missing devices.”

I attached quotes for you to know, also for other people :slight_smile:


Hello @fantross, the new POPP app 3.0.2 works fine. It was upgraded on 28th JAN 2022 at last :slight_smile:

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Yes, the app has been officially adopted by Popp with version v3.0.0, partially updated and some devices added.
Glad to see that it works now.