Can't add Novy intouch

I just got a Novy pure’line compact 6812 and tried to add it to homey but there seems to bee no response. Installing it on the homey requires to connect the remote that comes with the Novy hood, after clicking on the ‘light’ button multiple times it should add, after clicking for minutes and looking like a fool I gave up and started this topic, can somebody help me? What am i doing wrong?

Which app version did you install?
And did you change the remote channel?

It’s known not all frequency codes work…
You could try to change it: see manual

I will look into this tomorrow, changing the frequentie.

Novy intouch v.0.0.3 by Ralf van Dooren

I just saw your v2 version. Installing it as we speak.
Will test this tomorrow because I don’t have access to the hood right now. Thanks for the reply!

Works like a charm Harrie! Great app. Pressed the button once and it added. I’m surprised how much actions you can choose, really handy with implementing in flows.

Is there a way to set the Led lights at a certain brightness?

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Nope… unfortunately brightness isn’t implemented.

Hi @HarriedeGroot when I choose to only switch the lights in advanced settings the ventilation also starts.

So when I want to only switch the lights off the ventilation also starts. Is this a fault in the app or am I doing something wrong?