Can't add Aqara-units to Homey anymore?!

I have several door and window sensors from Aqara on my Homey. But now I suddenly can’t add new devices (door sensor and light sensor).

Is this a known issue? Are there others who have the same problem?

The devices already added to Homey work fine.

I guess you don’t have any Zigbee routers, right? It’s not possible to add more than 15-17 battery-powered devices without Zigbee routers. Please read these support articles:

Thank you for a very fast answer :slight_smile:

Do keep in mind Aqara has changed their sensors internally, maybe the ones you have are not supported yet.

In case the sensors are not supported in the Aqara app, they will be added as generic Zigbee device.

In this case, it indeed points towards either too many endDevices or Homey’s Zigbee network not being ready. A fresh restart of Homey sometimes resolves the issue of not being able to add devices.

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