Cannot see content of flow-code

I have strange issue coming more and more often:

  • when creating new script-flow-card (with code), cannot see content and horizontal slider missing
  • e.g. fresh flowcard looks like this (i.e. seeing only last letter of code). And even scrolling within text will not bring it visibleā€¦


Good ideas appreciated :face_with_monocle:

Same here.
When the cursor is at the end of a line, just hit enter to get to the hidden code on the left side :wink:

Yes, works sometimes, but not too many, thus frustrated

Sometimes these also helps:

  • running code helps (then your advice often OK)
  • closing, and reopening helps

But as anytime, sometimes is irritatingā€¦

@ all: FYI, I reported the issue to Athom support.

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Reply from support: