Cannot include Aeotec Garage Door Opener

I can confirm that its working correctly in the 1.6.7 version for me.

Hi Guys,
Another fellow Aussie here, I bought my Homey from Brad @ a week ago to replace another bricked Vera (3rd), good experience.
Still in two minds about this thing as there is a fair bit missing that I could do in vera (Aeotec devices worked, camera support, more than zero of my smartplugs worked, backups, Wemo wall switches worked etc).
I like the device it’s self and that may be enough in the end. In regards to the Australian device ids though, could this issue be that simple? I have 6 of these things and they just pair as generic devices.


@Luke_Fairbank hey mate, the Aeotec App is currently undergoing a major overhaul and is currently in Alpha for testing (and all Aus devices are being dealt with)… Beta (public) should not be too far away. When you say “6 of these things”… Which “things” are we talking about?

Hi Brad,
That would help,
Aeon labs smart dimmer 2nd edition.

I had the same problem as @Tony_Burn. I had initially exact same issues. When connecting I had to have Aeotec next to Homey within 10cm. Then connection was established in a snap.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but Aussies, Homey, Aeotec and Garage don’t seem to fall into the same discussion very often at all! For those with the Aeotec Garage Door Controller Gen 5, what garage door motor are you using? I have a B&D PanelPro and found that if I used “barrier cc” the door would open but jam when closing. It works fine using the B&D controls. If I switch to “hail cc” then it goes up and down but doesn’t seem to report status so gets out of sync if anything other than the app operates the door. Any insight? I’ve already tried re-pairing the tilt sensor and recalibrating the door travel. Thanks

I’m experiencing the exact same Issue. Did you find a solution?

Yup. I bought an iSmart opener instead.

Do you use it via IFTTT?

My main ecosystem is Apple HomeKit. iSmartGate works natively with that. I mainly use Homey to link all my Aeotec switches with that.

I see. Do you know if it’s possible to “integrate” this to Homey, perhaps using HomeKit? I would like Homey to know if the garage door is open or closed, so I can trigger events based on this status. The actions of closing and opening could be done using IFTTT.

I assume so, as HomeKit integration is a two-way thing. I haven’t tried it though. You’d need to be either using the Homey HomeKit experiment, or one of the HomeKit apps.

Did you mnage to hook up the ismartgate to Homey? I too have the ismartgate, but having trouble finding out how to hook it ut. It works fine in homekit. cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry Lennyboy, I never even tried to get the ISmartgate into Homey. I use Homey to get a few z-wave switches to talk to my HomeKit setup. As iSmartgate does this natively I let it and Homey ignore each other. Good luck though.

No worries, thanks for replying though :slight_smile:

I had the same issues, I have hooked it up directly to home assistant now and it works perfectly. Opens and closes everytime and reports correct status. I don’t think it’s the opener as much as the implementation