Cannot include Aeotec Garage Door Opener

No wuckers , broke my hue hub last week, instead of wait for the postie, headed to bunnings satdee arvo, got a snag (can’t knock it). Sheila price matched Jb, pretty stoked.

– true story


I think thats a great idea, given the region specific z-wave devices, that clearly have different identifiers. Now that we know how to find and test the ID’s for unknown device variants, we can all help to submit these for inclusion into the already available apps

Yeah, could not believe that bunnings had hue in stock! Usually only crap stuff when it comes to HA, like Belkin weemo.

I’ve created a slack channel, however I wasn’t able to find anyone on slack other than Danone.

With Homey, can we now buy Zwave devices from Overseas to make it easier for compatibility?

Nope! I mean you can buy them but unless they have the AU/NZ Z-wave frequency, they won’t work with your Homey.
Got my Homey some 18 months ago straight from Athom. It got shipped with AU frequency z-wave chip.
I know someone here Down Under which brought a Homey after a trip in Europe. It has EU frequencies using it with all “the goodies” that EU z-wave range of products can offer. But this guy lives in the bush. So for him the chance that ACMA gets him with the wrong frequency is very slim. I live in the city and I have seen the ACMA van a few times. The fines are hefty if you get caught…

“the goodies” = for example Fibaro wall plug and many, many other things not available here.

P.S. IKEA here has no Tradfri which is zigbee. I got few bulbs from IKEA Germany which work superb with my Oz Homey. Since zigbee uses 2.4GHz almost everywhere. That’s another can of worms is you google…

Sorry mods, deviated badly from the original post, feel free to deleted this posts. (I know @Rocodamelshekima will give me one chance. At least!)

Yes, the forever lonely danone on Slack, when everyone in Europe sleeps I catch up reading all the posts. But now more of us are coming!

If you want to upset someone on Slack (he know who is!!!) , just say Amstel is average beer and that Pauline Hanson (40 years ago) is better than nowadays Ancilla.
But then that guy is also my friend so don’t do it.

Didn’t realise it was that heavily regulated.

Homey just need to up their support for Australian products :slight_smile:

Well, you learned step 1 (manually add the AU productTypeID)…
@danone will you explain step 2?

But isn’t the whole Aeotec product line available with the AU/NZ frequency? Then it would be sufficient to just add the right ProductTypeId.
I saw a github post yesterday on this subject and added the info from this topic, maybe someone with the device can download the source, edit the app.json and run it from the cli to confirm if this would fix it.

From github:

@surges Step 2 is to contribute in making Homey better.

Create a fork of the current Aeotec app (to your own account) make the modifications (you did it!) and test them on your devices (you also did it!)

Once successfully, go to the Github App and commit (select the files changed and add a change description and press commit) and push the changes to your forked repository.

Go to your forked repo on the Github site and press the Pull request button; it should select Athom’s Aeotec repo (and it’s master branch) by default.

Make sure you mention that you have tested the changes on your own devices successfully… and press submit.

It might be that you’ll be asked to agree to a license.

From here Athom will analize your commit.
It won’t be instant, it could even take several weeks, but eventually the guys from Athom will have the Id included into the Aeotec app. (in fact, I see already version 1.6.6 which has the garage door included, that was fast Athom!!)
Meanwhile, the best part is that you can load your own modified app like you have just learned :grinning:

The downside part is that the side loaded app will never autoupdate itself. You need to manually install it or delete it and install it again from the app store. You can try now with the new 1.6.6 version.
See screenshot, in my case @TedTolboom 's app called “Remote Technologies” has been Installed Using Developer Tools. Just like you did with Aeotec.

The bottom line is that you and all of us can help Athom improving and eventually having all working for us Down Under, too.

Compared with any other HA controller, Homey is seriously good for one reason. This awesome community.

Hope this helps…


So it’s been a frustrating few days. The garage controller works when initially paired up but then no response via the app, fob key or homey desktop app.

Remove devices and pair up again… starts working and then same issues.

Sometimes error msgs appear. Images attached when trying to just open the homey mobile app.

Any one experienced this? I’m getting tempted to take Smarthomes up on the 14 day return policy.

Hey team!

Sorry not related to original post - but you can add another to the AU/NZ roll call! Brad sold me a Homey last week, and I’m well on my way to converting everything over from my old Vera 3.

Just need to get the new Aeotec water sensor added to the app and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

@CitizenxNZ as per above posts. For fast fix you can add the Product Id yourself and side load the Aeotec app following @TedTolboom instructions. This will get you working in no time.

For a slower fix, you can go on Github and open an issue. Then when Athom will updated the Aeotec app, the water sensor will work for you.

I don’t own an Aeotec garage controller, but just to clarify, are you referring in your post at two separate issues?? Garage controller stop responding and Homey mobile app not responding? Sorry, just trying to understand…

Related with the garage controller stops responding, how far is from Homey? Any other powered z-wave devices so there is a solid mesh in case the garage controller is far from Homey?

I am sure that someone around here might be able to help better than my response…

Well I had issues with both… So that made me thing something is up with the Homey Controller.

I’ve removed all devices again and added them back in… Garage Controller works initially and then stop. As I didn’t move the homey controller or the garage controller frm their original locations, I wasn’t sure why it would stop working.

I’ve also rearranged the Repeaters I have . Both placed to triangulate the homey controller and the garage controller. Both repeaters are going via the garage controller. But Homey goes direct to the Garage Controller based on the image below… so based on the the distance should not be an issue…changing the placement if the repeaters havent made difference in the route.

As a guide. Node 8 (repeater) is closest to the homey followed by Node 10. Node 9 garage controller is the device further away from the homey.

I’ll see if I have the same issue in the morning.

Quick update.

After going into the geek developer mode and running the ‘heal’ command on all devices, they have been working as expected.

Looks like the network routing tables had issues which were sorted out when I ran the heal functioN.

Has been working as expected for a week.

@surges just a quick heads up that AU Aeotec Garage Door Controller support (along with LED Bulb) has been fixed in the latest Aeotec App release (1.6.7) - if you side loaded from Github, it may be worth moving back to the official App to take advantage of auto-updates etc. I can confirm it now works very well (thanks to some very speedy work by the developer - thank you :slight_smile:)

thx for the update. Will see if it makes a difference for me. I’m a bit behind on the app for the moment.
But cannot see what has been done between 1.6.6 & 1.6.7.
Github still seems to be at 1.6.6, but the app it self at 1.6.7. And the only difference on github lately is that a new product ID has been added (515) for the garage door controller.

I’ll see when I have time to reinstall and repair it (if that’s needed). This is the hardest controller to repair, since it so far away from homey.

It is confirmed in the bug report that adding the ID for the AU/NZ version of the device is the fix for it.