Cannot find Rain Gauge signal?

Installed Homey today as a replacement for Homewizard. All the CoCo / KaKu devices are available (including 433mhz thermometer) expect my rain gauge. I’m not sure about the brand/type but is still working as the homewizard receives its data.

How can i find it? :thinking:

Every brand needs a app installed on the homey, so my sugestion is place a picture off it here, so maybe someone knows the brand and then its eassy to finf out if there already a app for.

Can be 868 also, mine is!

It’s the rain gauge that you can find in the Homewizard app. But that app will use homewizard to read the data.

That one yes!
Did u check the HomeWizard app?

It looks like Homey is only looking for 433 mhz signals (in settings)?

It is part of the homewizard app, but that would be a strange solution (because homey is the replacement for homewizard :slight_smile:)
I did check but is gives me an error:


Select HomeWizard (selection list, however empty…)

Error: No valid HomeWizard found, re-pair if problem persists

I cannot select/pair a homewizard anywere??

How can i let homey search 868 MHz ?

I have bought a Alecto WS-1200 today. but homey cannot see / find that either :frowning:
Any ideas? the indoor station that came with the alecto does receive the gauges signals.
Homey does see the thermometer outside??

Did u check the Alecto app to find out it is supported?

yes, but that app has only switches/doorbel. it should be visible with wireless weather. 433 mhz. i choose this device because it is on the “talks with homey”. it a rain gauge.

And u did select the v3 option in the wireless sensors app?

yes, all protocols are on. but only de thermometers show in the list.

Alecto doorbell, ADB 17 does not connect with Homey

i’m curious what a doorbell has to do with a rain gauge signal not being found

Try to add the protocol (green) in the app-configuration. V3 protocol than it’s working correctly.

Mostly after a lot of rain homey stops receiving the raingauge signal. On the original receiver there is no problem. I have to remove the battery and after that the signal is back but i have to create a new device and repair the flows. Anyone a solution to prevent this?