Cannot fill text variables with content of other variables/properties/tags in advanced flows

When I try to fill a variable with the content, the Web interface does not act on clicking on the reference button. The text field I am editing is just closed.

It worked before - I could use the variable Crontest, which I did some months ago, but I cannot add another text- or number variable for the text.
In some cards it works, in calculation cards, set cards and some other cards it does not.
And it seems to be different (or not) within standard flows.
I have a HP23 version 11.0, and use Mozilla Firefox to work on the PC interface.
I do not know if I changed some settings, if some browsers do not work well with that version, or if the issue is somewhere else.

Like this?

Try restart / another browser: Chrome (or even Edge , I think)

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Thank you @Rrrr ,
Chrome seems to work.
I just do not want to be stipulated to a specific browser. :woozy_face:
I guess I have to contact Athom.

Only Chromium based browser are generally supported. I wonder why I didn’t have any problems before.
Now I use ungoogled-chromium (64-Bit) :rofl: :joy: