Can you switch on heating via the Tado thermostat using the Homey app

I’m already using Eurotronic Spirit thermostat taps on a lot of my radiators. I use a relay to switch the heating on or off. Everthing is controlled via the Homey app.

I’m thinking of buying the Tado Thermostat with a few Tado thermostat taps.

I was wondering if I can still use the Eurotronic Spirit thermostat taps when I switch to the Tado thermostat. Can I use Homey to send the command to the Tado Thermostat to switch the heating on when heating is needed in one of the rooms that has a Eurotronic Spirit thermostat tap installed and not a Tado thermostat tap?

Did you check the flowcards of the app?

Pretty sure tou can’t

I did. I was hoping I was missing something.
Probably wishful thinking :grimacing:

Not a solution for your question, but worth giving a try, the very extensive community ‘tadoZones’ app → click here
You can install it alongside Athom’s tado app to check it out.

About your Q: Commanding the tado thermostat to switch the heating on will not have any effect, when the room temperature of the tado thermostat is at target temperature.
Only with tado valve controllers (thermostat taps), this is possible.: When one room needs to be heated, the thermostat will automatically engage the heating, you just have to set the target temperature of that specific room with Homey.
You’ll need to put valve controllers in the thermostat room as well, otherwise that room also gets heated, when only (an) other room(s) demands heat.